At The Rat Pack we know that the drink makes the night, our cocktails are our favourite and hopefully might just become yours too. Here’s a taste of what we got!

Got a sweet tooth? The Candy Corners got the drinks for you, all inspired by your favourite treats.



Vanilla and Raspberry vodka mixed with cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice and simple sugar to recreate that age old classic. Served with the lollipop of course.



Premium Bacardi rum, Amaretto, and chocolate liquor shaken vigorously with fresh whole milk and honey. Topped with whipped cream and coco powder. Switzerland’s Favourite.

The house favourites, these are our personal favourites and go too’s. They’re new, fun, and here to stay.

Lady in Red


Isn’t she gorgeous. Southern Comfort, with freshly muddled limes and mint, topped with cranberry juice.

King of the Road


Make way for the king. Premium spiced gold rum, chocolate liqueur, orgeat syrup and fresh lime juice. Shaken and double strained over shaved ice, for the regal only.

Although he never had the chance to visit our Rat Pack bar we think that these would be his go to drinks for those long swinging nights.

Pornstar Martini


It’s a modern classic, It’s everyones new favourite, and you wont find a better one anywhere else. Vanilla Absolut vodka, Passoa, passion fruit syrup and pineapple juice. Served with a shot of prosecco.

New York Sour


New Yorks twist on a classic whisky sour, made with Jim Beam Double Oak, lemon juice, simple sugar Angostura bitters and served with a red wine float.